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Fan Video Thread Candydoll Sharechan
File: 150975114456.jpg - ( 74.81KB , 1358x887 , tyui.jpg )
2544 No. 2544

Re-posts welcome; let's put 'em all in one place, shall we?

zorro's fan video:


>> No. 2728
File: 151270145574.jpg - ( 59.39KB , 782x666 , bella.jpg )


>> No. 2743
File: 15128736929.jpg - ( 1.11MB , 1200x1800 , 151130732660.jpg )
Moi Bella is good as are all mixes , thanks to all who share chan !

Here is one for Sonya M fans ,
Briefly guessting Bella and Emiliya



>> No. 2749
More more what app and or video editor u use??

>> No. 2750
File: 151304721388.jpg - ( 1.65MB , 2000x3000 , 561e07a0a86f1.jpg )
>>2749 thanks for the compliment , unfortunately my comp is out of commish so it may be awhile til I make anything . Maybe i should do a cd edits go fund me loll . All though if anyone has suggestions for model ot song to do next I'd love to hear .

A very simple program as effects will usually only take away from the simple natural beauty one is working with . Sadly i am sure for most purists the bit rate quality isnt great or as high as others works . . On that note I believe when edits are " too good " they can take away from the originals . Even though the originals leave us wanting more it's a a bit of a shame to totally ruin em by out doin'em .

Anyways sometimes the song and clips used with imagination and love just work well as in this case . There are more of similar llllywd edits at the other topic here , if anyone wants to add them to this thread please do .

>> No. 2752
I see I don't mind the bit rate at all ur did a good job..If you could do a piona P. Vid and or a Sharlotta vid..preferably their latex sets u van throw n other of Thiers but I have yet to see a fan vid with latex =( lol

>> No. 2757
File: 151317313554.jpg - ( 0.98MB , 1600x900 , file-17.jpg )
>>2752 when I 1st started the Sonya edit instead of using the cat print it had her latex. With the lyrics i changed those cuts to the cat whip seems more fitting.I'll post that version once I get back in action.

VH seems to work well so I'll do Piona and/or Charlotta purely latex,again once I get back at it.

Question there is someone said single subject models are better. What's everyone's opinion there?

Hoping others up their edits in the meantime.zorros is good too

>> No. 2759
Reup please

>> No. 2760
I don't mind it really before I saw your vid the one titled "zorrovid" I didn't like to watch multi model fan bids but u did it beautifully!!

>> No. 2778
File: 151378923314.jpg - ( 248.52KB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-00096.jpg )
Okay here it goes.

I make these things all the time mostly for my own entertainment. By the time I'm done making one the file size is so HUGE!
Through trial and error I have finally trimmed something down to a workable 1.52gb. Yes that's gigs. In order to get it up on zippy I had to break this down to 8 files

Pass for all = Nice

You need all parts or no worky.
Hope you like. I think I have a masterpeace.



>> No. 2779
Just wanted to add I love all the others also. Please keep them coming.

>> No. 2782
Archive a damaged. Can you pack this vid new with winrar or 7-Zib and reup.

>> No. 2783
Well crap! Sorry bout that. I'm working on the problem. For some reason the files open but once DLed from zippy they won't. Trying some things to see what works.
Be back soon.

>> No. 2784
File: 151386195927.jpg - ( 230.67KB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-00098.jpg )
Ok repacked with 7zip. Don't know why the other didn't work but this has been tested as far as testing the links and opening after downloading from zippy. Hope it works on your end
Also I didn't know zippy had uped it's file size to under 500mb. But they also uped the redirects and popups.

Pass = Nice



Val coming next. Let me know if you have any problems. Mr Mod could you delete the links on 2778? They are worthless.

>> No. 2785
File: 151386415691.jpg - ( 218.78KB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-00115.jpg )
Here is Val as promised. This came out very nice I think. I did ues the obligatory pop song in this but it's only the 1st 2 minutes. I ready do hate pop music but this seemed to work. All links tested and working and opened fine after DL...
Hope you like
I'm having fun making these and will try and keep them coming if there is any interest and I can get the upload part down.

Pass = Nice


>> No. 2786
Note: Zippyshare
The maximum file size
is 500 MB.

>> No. 2794
I have problem with unzipping. Have tryed with differeny programs.

>> No. 2795
I tested before upping and I downloaded again after upping and it opened and played fine.

I just DLed/unpacked/played again all is good. The problem is on your end

>> No. 2796
By the way this one here is no good. Don't ever bother. If Mr. Moderator is around could you delete?

>> No. 2803
Still got problems with it (unknown format). Can you please change the names into Val001.7z, Val002.7z and Val003.7z. I let you know if it worked for me.

>> No. 2823
Sitting here waiting for the sharlotta and or piona latex set fan vid lol

>> No. 2847
Testing! Is this thing on? I've replied 3 times in the last week but they don't show up. Testing 1,2,3.......

>> No. 2848
File: 151506983892.jpg - ( 1.95MB , 2000x3000 , SILVERMOON-Nino-blackskirt-1_153.jpg )
>>2759 that was an old link amd being i am without a computer no longer have access to the file.maybe someone else can reup?

>>2823 it will be a few weeks or months,i need a new computer then to dl and study the material.

A Nino pic slideshow,favorite model.
Really wish she had more sets or especially any vids at all.


>> No. 2851

PW: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 2852
am I the only one who have the problem?

>> No. 2855

>> No. 2856
File: 151524868026.png - ( 75.32KB , 1043x685 , HJ-Split.png )
works fine for me

>> No. 2858
Not only that but you are discouraging others from even trying. The files work fine

>> No. 2871
Yea buddy I don't have the problem..downloaded it I was RAR unzipped it....it was n .mov format and my phone can't play that so I reformatted to mp4 and the size went down from 1.5gb to 854mb so that's a plus...btw the Val.one was good ty for whoever the uploaded is only complaint it's too long for my taste 1-10mins r my options

>> No. 2872
Wish I could find Erika pink latex one and get others the video set not the pics ps already got Erika white latex and Natasha Army print outfit and the blue latex outfit video set I would love if anyone has these sets upload them on fill thread it would be so clutch lol

>> No. 2886
File: 151542042460.jpg - ( 252.46KB , 960x540 , 15076481992.jpg )
Waiting for a girl like You.

>> No. 2900
File: 151551919614.jpg - ( 1.08MB , 1200x1800 , file-16.jpg )
Bella K i know what nous like slideshow and everybody wants some vid mix repost from the other thread.same pw


>> No. 2902
Thanks for the compliment. I do tend to make these a little long out of fear I might leave something out. What you are getting has been shrunk down from the originals I made a long time ago.
As for watching on your phone. You should really watch these on the big screen. So much better that way.
I'll post more if there is an interest. I have nothing better to do and I love making them. Posting can be a pain in the ass though.

>> No. 2904
File: 151554688819.jpg - ( 436.76KB , 1331x961 , Screenshot_20180109-211135.jpg )
>>2902 there will be always be some interested and the opposite, most times what seems negative feedback with few positive for hours of work.saying that to again encourage others to share and not expect love back or be discouraged by no replies.

For instance there girl like you above someone once commented creepy.disappointing to read such inner conflict and to note its a good vid as are all mixes.

While i agree these are best viewed bigger the screen the better.probably half the viewers are on phones so with that in mind keeping the files small helps alot or providing smaller options may help.for instance there your files for now are simply to large to download for myself as i dont have the space.as soon as possible i cant wait to see them but with my luck will be gone by the time im back online in a capacity to do so.so any chance yourself or someone can convert to a lower quality say under 100mb id appreciate it all though i dont expect that to happen.youd get alot more viewers able to see the hard work.as for length while the majority id guess prefer a song or two. For myself the longer the better.

Last to add even though ive yet to see them im sure theyre good and thanks for the work.

Juliya R runnin with the devil, same pw as above.


>> No. 2908
If you could do mashup of some models latex sets now that would a perfect day for me lol..I love latex especially on these models it's makes me go crazy when the candydolls have a sorta dark/domme demeanor when they wear latex.I fell in love with latex when I was like 13 years old and I came across Maya L. Set 16 ever since then I love it...I just now started to watch the non latex sets from candydolls and I love them but 3/4 of my candydolls collection is of Latex or Satin Looking outfits

>> No. 2909
File: 151556851833.jpg - ( 832.19KB , 1200x1800 , PionaP15_144.jpg )
Hopefully my post I submitted gets approved but here this is what I was talking about when they have that demeanor

>> No. 2913
LATEX VIDEO per request. http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/HPAvi6Le/file.html

>> No. 2915
Nice work

>> No. 2916
File: 151561374851.jpg - ( 1.19MB , 1200x1800 , VIP_KleoM01_035.jpg )
I had a crash some time back and lost all my CD I had upped into imovie and it's taking a long time to get them all back in (about a TB worth of video)
But in the meantime here is one I did when I was starting to get the hang of using imovie. Was going to redo it but never got around to it.
A great work of art is never finished. Only abandoned.
KleoM. Hope you like
It is m4v file (how it comes out of imovie) I tried converting it to mp4 but it only made the file bigger.
Comes in at just under 15 minutes at 430.2 mb. Tested and working fine


Pass = Nice

>> No. 2923
thank you I really like it

>> No. 2958
I give up, treid it many times but clearly me and my computer are too dumb for this. Took all the space too so deleted it.

>> No. 2961
I don't know what you are trying to open them with but you might want to try something else.
I use to have all kinds of problems opening archives in windows. Use to keep 2 or 3 different programs just for that. If one wouldn't open it one of the others would.
But I left windows in the dust years ago. I a program called Keka to create these files but as far as I know that program only works on a mac but windows should open anything created by it. My old W7 michine opened it.

>> No. 2962
Apart from the CD Kleo vids, does anyone have any Kleofia (and Sandrinya) vids from any other agency? Or is it only pics?

>> No. 2964
It's no problem if their big I can just use a converter it's no problem

>> No. 2968
Nice one

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