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Requests for sources and information of non-nude teens.
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Requests - Sharechan
File: 152089560473.jpg - ( 30.00KB , 640x359 , [001173].jpg )
25365 No. 25365 hide [Reply]
who is she?:))

>> No. 25369

File: 15200292779.jpg - ( 127.23KB , 683x1024 , BLACK Pantssggs.jpg )
25242 No. 25242 hide [Reply]
Does anyone know anything about her?

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>> No. 25333
you can post all of her photos?

it's just a model of an amateur photographer from Ukraine, I saw several models.

Model name unknown

>> No. 25339
Striking resemblance to Sweet Lexie.

>> No. 25368

File: 152086791410.jpg - ( 730.69KB , 1004x1500 , Vicky 8683d7acbb38.jpg )
25358 No. 25358 hide [Reply]
I have this photo of a very pretty model, but I dont know who she is or how many sets she did. anyone out there who knows?

I am not sure wether the agency and model name is correct, havent found any others of her.

>> No. 25367
Yep, that is Vicky from Teenmodeling. Via the Wayback machine arund 2011, I found her listed on the site way back on page 4 of the previews. When I clicked on her profile, none of the images were on the server, so no telling how many sets she did. The only other image of her there she was wearing a light vlue sleeveles top and lime green pants.

File: 152083330644.jpg - ( 9.67KB , 167x250 , kira_m_model_reddress_teenmodeling_tv_123.jpg )
25353 No. 25353 hide [Reply]
Hello , if anyone have sets or vids of this little girl would be aprecciate , her name is kira i think she is from Teenmodeling

>> No. 25360
File: 152087819842.jpg - ( 465.77KB , 1200x1800 , KiraT01_002.jpg )
Candydoll Kira Set T001

password: kiraT

file: https://multifilemirror.com/uwrjnpmloe5i/kira set 001.rar.html

>> No. 25361
File: 152087830544.jpg - ( 456.82KB , 1800x1200 , KiraT02_078.jpg )
Candydoll Kira Set T002

password: kiraT

file: https://multifilemirror.com/l2oikdwz1n8z/kira set 002.rar.html

>> No. 25366

To be honest, I rarely ever see her TMTV sets shared, just her couple of Candydoll sets.

File: 15205844672.jpg - ( 197.08KB , 800x1203 , angeline-031-020.jpg )
25315 No. 25315 hide [Reply]
Can anyone help with sets 23, 25-30, 32-37, 39-40 and anything after 47 any?

>> No. 25357
File: 152086293069.jpg - ( 315.89KB , 800x1203 , 007-060.jpg )

>> No. 25364
Second the motion, would like to see any of her

File: 150986754261.jpg - ( 596.76KB , 1000x1494 , 4.jpg )
22910 No. 22910 hide [Reply]
Please post anything and everything panna thanks

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>> No. 25322
File: 152064809640.jpg - ( 442.21KB , 794x1001 , 47cc.jpg )
038 red leotard.rar

>> No. 25342
What happened to the Media Mynx or Promodelworld watermarks?

>> No. 25355

Gee, thanks for the "adult" reply... you might want to look around and see how cordial people treat each other around here.

It's obvious that they were cropped out. I wanted to know WHY. Are the rest of the images in each set treated the same way? If not, why spend time cropping off a watermark for a preview? It's not like anyone needs to hide what the agency was since they've been dead for years.

File: 152059553985.png - ( 1.82MB , 1091x907 , 1.png )
25316 No. 25316 hide [Reply]
looking for Jana's sets and videos. Post whatever you have

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>> No. 25334
thanks. but I meant her sets, not this video in particular as I already have it. I just used screenshots from it as a reference to the model

>> No. 25344
File: 152077038484.gif - ( 31.27KB , 468x60 , maxwell.gif )
>>25334 ya i guessed you had it cuz of your previews and... >>25327 said they didn't have it so i shared.heres some mixdvidz. mir.cr/WMIMXQ0P same pw.as for sets if no one else does it may take me awhile so just have to have patience

>> No. 25362
What is the pw for mir.cr/WMIMXQ0P
Tried janamaxwells

File: 152062315859.jpg - ( 605.56KB , 1000x1400 , silver-jewels-cover_Alice-pinkmesh-1.jpg )
25321 No. 25321 hide [Reply]
I'm hoping someone can provide me with an entire list/history of what Alice has been in. I'd like to know how many sets there are for silver starlets, jewels, and whatever else, if there is anything else, that she's in.
If anyone has a massive compilation that would be great.

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>> No. 25326

>> No. 25335
Thanks. That's a great start. Would you or anyone else happen to have complete index on Alice for either SS or SJ? Much appreciated

>> No. 25359
Exist in the web alice's video?

File: 152071692619.jpg - ( 121.30KB , 650x436 , ajip01082.jpg )
25336 No. 25336 hide [Reply]
pls help me find video of these thnk u

File: 15167268786.jpg - ( 162.83KB , 2114x1309 , 96447801_93933966_011.jpg )
24579 No. 24579 hide [Reply]
hey there!

I am requesting girls in jeans!

File: 152003932345.jpg - ( 643.47KB , 1333x2000 , 55b53c3d6324d.jpg )
25244 No. 25244 hide [Reply]
All the links are dead and Trixie is my absolute favorite model. Can a kind anon upload everything she's done on a host other than dailyuploads? Thank you.

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>> No. 25302
Huge AMS thread in the Teen Models section:


Towards the bottom of the thread, OP started at Trixie set 338 and is working his way backward to set 1. Currently at set 141.

>> No. 25307
thanks anon

>> No. 25313

You're welcome. :)

File: 151942351327.jpg - ( 97.50KB , 1080x1080 , 15534931_1298184946871432_3344281756818735104_n.jpg )
25121 No. 25121 hide [Reply]

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>> No. 25284
Make a search with Psy Girl think Ive seen that name before with her
Had it once but some I've lost & possibly that vid too:/

>> No. 25286
File: 15203815859.jpg - ( 313.40KB , 1280x960 , Dianchik 70.jpg )
145 early photos

few vids

Pass = VKv77

who has more, please post

>> No. 25295
Thank You, very lovely girl.

File: 152034349935.jpg - ( 469.76KB , 2400x1200 , Reeka 14.jpg )
25276 No. 25276 hide [Reply]
Any chance of Reeka Set 14 or 41 not sure which number is correct, it's the middle image, the pink outfit.

>> No. 25294
I found 3 old threads from last year in the Teen Models section. 2 of the 3 threads appear to have most of her sets. The 3rd and oldest thread only have a few sets before up-loader stopped posting. The 2nd thread from last March does have your request labeled as set 14.

But unfortunately all of the links are dead in both threads, and the posters haven't been around here in awhile. :/

File: 152040991426.jpg - ( 168.37KB , 625x938 , EricaR01_053-625x938b.jpg )
25293 No. 25293 hide [Reply]
My Uploads from WLC March 2018

Candydoll Mega-Thread

Swiss Arts-Thread:


Other Agencies Thread:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 15193692496.jpg - ( 22.10KB , 225x182 , 70105c5db5bfb88f27f3f53b071d8c75d81e3b3e.jpg )
25091 No. 25091 hide [Reply]
Simeone nave jojo video? They exist? Thanks in advance

7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 25198
better quality version of jungle girlandfull green/yellow at better quality
pass: JoJo

>> No. 25249
Like it!!

>> No. 25291
There isnt other video?

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