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Playkitty Requests Sharechan
File: 151575681776.jpg - ( 228.71KB , 1200x1600 , 070.jpg )
24376 No. 24376
Looking for sets. Stumbled across this picture the other day and I'm in love!

>> No. 24393
Looking for her sets as well... and for a while now. It's getting more and more difficult to find the good old stuff. Any collector that hasn't had to erase their hard drives (my case...) must have this. She's a must on any half-decent collection. So, I strongly second the request. Thanks in advance!

>> No. 24422
I found some! I'll post in a bit

>> No. 24424
File: 151597830483.jpg - ( 188.79KB , 1728x1152 , 016.jpg )

Here's one I found. Sets 104-120

PW Kitty

>> No. 24437
File: 151603254369.jpg - ( 243.83KB , 1152x1728 , 003.jpg )

PW Kitty

>> No. 24466
Thanks so much!!!

The Fileflares link is down already though :( Maybe you could also upload it to daily? I always have problems with fileflares anyway.

Let's hope someone else can give us the rest of this beauty. Thanks in advance :)

>> No. 24617
Could someone help us out here?

Her sets are nowhere to be seen and they used to be so common... One anon managed to get some as you see but the rest would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!!

>> No. 24704
File: 151763702471.jpg - ( 289.47KB , 1152x1728 , pk050_pinkwing75.jpg )
Is she still modeling ?
She seemed to get Camera shy as she got older.
One of the best looking models EVER with classic slavic features. Talented dancer too.
And what a behind.
The best ever !!

>> No. 24761
No, Tasia quit the business, only doing a little work after she left Dream Studio. Thought she was gonna be big but the jobs never materialized.

>> No. 24763
I hope this helps...

Sets 1-185

PW: Playkitty_sharechan







>> No. 24776
Thanks to the poster msg 24761.
Never even knew her name until that msg "Tasia"
From near Odessa I presume.
The only one I ever considered getting custom sets from but was unable to make contact with Dream Studio. This about 6-8 yrs ago.
Wonder if she got married like Sandra ??
Thanks again.
Much appreciated.

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